Rules And Regulation

  1. Every trainee shall be present at his/her place of training in accordance with the programme prepared and notified by the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager. He/she shall maintain utmost punctuality in time keeping. If he/she is not found in his/her place of training without any justification to the satisfaction of his/her batch in charge or any other officer or expert of the Centre, he/she be marked absent for the day, in addition to disciplinary action which might be taken against him.
  2. No late coming shall be allowed. Depending on whether a trainee is late in the forenoon or in the afternoon his/her late attendance shall be treated as half day absence either in the first half or in the second half.
  3. Every trainee shall take permission from concerned officer to leave his/her place of training.
  4. Every Trainee shall attend training classes (theory as well as a practical) in prescribed uniform and in such dress and shoes as may be prescribed from time to time by the Centre keeping in view the safety and other training requirements. Trainees shall at their cost arrange Uniform, full shoes and other
  5. Every Trainee shall maintain their uniform neat and tidy. They shall replace the broken buttons etc, and mend damaged uniform. They shall exchange the washed uniform at such time and place as may be notified by Training Manager Adviser from time to time.
  6. Every Trainee shall arrange at their cost stationery, drawing and other instruments and books prescribed for the course. Centre may however at its sole discretion, issue some stationery for the sake of  uniformity wherever necessary
  7. Every Trainee may borrow such books from the centre as the centre may earmark for the purpose from time to time in accordance with the rules laid down for the purpose from time to time.

(a) During the course of training, trainees shall handle and maintain Center’s property, namely machines, instruments, tools and equipment, special and standard accessories, electrical equipment including switch boards, switches, lights, fans, hand tools, furniture items, sanitary & water supply fitting, building and other civil structures, lawns, raw materials, consumables and other articles of the centre, with the outmost care so as not to cause any damage excessive wear and tear, reduction of utility and usefulness or otherwise deface or tarnish the appearance or good looks. Trainees should refrain from writing any thing on the walls, other civil structure, plant and equipment and other aforesaid articles or otherwise marking or sticking bills, posters etc.

b) Trainees shall strictly follow the procedures introduced from time to time and instructions issued by the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager or any other official of the centre authorized to do so with regard to the following :-

  • Issue and return of instruments, tools etc from stores.
  • Deposit of finished and semi-finished practical exercises/jobs
  • Reporting of breakages
  • Proper maintenance of machines and other plant equipments,
    accessories etc, including periodic lubrication.
  • Disposal of borings and turnings and other scraps.
  • Cleanliness of machines including cleaning of shop floor m/c.
  • Lights and fans.
  • Operation of machines including cleaning of shop floor m/c.
  • Tools and materials go downs.
  • Industrial lockers.
  • Tool lockers and material lockers.
  • Handing over and taking over of machines and other equipments.
  • Allotment and operation of machines etc.
  • Any other subject not included above.

 (c) Any loss or damage to the center’s property arising out of a willful act of a trainee or due to his neglect or noncompliance of operating instructions, safety rules or any other instructions issued or the established and conventional norms of use of that property shall be recovered from the trainee and/or his surety/guardians. The decision of the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager as to whether the loss or damage has occurred due to willful act or neglect or noncompliance as aforesaid. or not. About the amount of loss/damages, shall be final and binding on the trainee & his/her surety and guardians.

  1. The Centre shall provide opportunities of the training for the course to trainees\who of their own free will decide to undergo training on the terms and conditions known and understood by them including the power of the Governing Council and other competent authorities to amend the terms and conditions at any time and without notice to formulate and amend procedures and rules whenever necessary. Trainees shall not resort to make organized claims and collective bargaining. Difficulties experienced. If any, by them should be brought to the notice of the batch-in charge or other officials of the centre in individuals capacities, in manner which may be prescribed from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager shall be looked into. No Union or Association formed by the trainees shall be recognized.
  2. No meeting shall be conducted by the trainees inside the premises of the Centre including any other Sub-office, Cell or any building, without the permission of the Chief Executive Officer/Project advisor or any other authority competent to give such permission.
  3. Period spent by the trainees even if it is within NTTC premises in a manner otherwise than according to programme of training including examination, class tests,etc. shall be treated as full day’s absence for this purpose .
  4. Inviting others to act in any manner which goes against the interest and objectives of the Centre or  against the intention and purpose of any rules of the Centre or instructions issued, shall be treated as gross-misconduct of the trainee(s).
  • Insubordinate or disobedience whether alone or in combination with others.
  • Theft, fraud, any dishonest act, bribery or any illegal  gratification with others.
  • Possession, distribution and display, within the Centre’s premises, of unauthorized bills, pamphlets, books, placards, banners.
  • Coming to the centre in drunken condition or under the effect of any intoxicants, narcotics or possessions of any such things or any lethal weapons in the Centre’s premises.
  • Gambling within the Centre’s premises including any other sub-office, building of the Centre.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Centre’s premises.
  • Refusal to receive official documents.
  • Deliberate false statements, falsification of records, impersonation, suppression of facts.
  • Willful failure to report occurrences or any information which may endanger others’ life or Centre’s property.
  • Private or  personal work within NTTC premises and Centre’s facilities whatsoever.
  • Staying inside Centre’s premises outside training hours except when permitted or authorized.

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