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The Objective of the centre is not only to give good education but also to ensure that the students get good job. The Centre conducts on a regular basis various activities like Verbal/Non Verbal Communication, Resume Writing, How to face Interviews, How to develop a good presentation skill, Time management etc  keeping in mind, in developing  their personality and to ultimately groom them up for placement in the industry. A session on  personality development are also conducted.

What is a Tool Room?  
Tool Room is an industrial set-up where the specialized Tools, Dies, Moulds, Jigs, Fixture are designed and manufactured. These tools are used for mass production for all Plastic components, Aluminium or any casting parts from kitchen utensils to space components, automotive components, agriculture components, industrial components, etc. Many companies have their own captive Tool Room or they assign jobs to the professionally managed Tool Rooms.
What is a Tool?  
It is an equipment used to get the maximum output with best quality at a cost but not at any cost and in optimum time. It can be specialized Press Tools, Die Castings, Plastic Moulds, Jigs and Fixtures.
Who is a Tool Maker?  
He is a Master Engineer who co-ordinates and monitors the process of Tool design, Tool Planning, Die Machining, Tool Quality, Tool Assembly and Finally Try out. Any Tool is the child of the particular Tool Maker. Sometimes he even gives suggestion to the product designers or to Product Analysis Experts.
What is Tool and Die Making?
Tool and die making is the process of producing tools, dies, and special devices that enables machines to make products. Tool and die makers are among the most highly skilled production workers. Computerized equipment is an integral part of the process.
Someone’s got to make all the pieces and parts that go into any machine or car. That someone is you. You’ll be studying blueprints or shapes of dies, parts, and tools. Then you’ll operate lathes, milling machines, shapers, and grinders, to machine the parts. No aircraft/vehicle/machine ever manufactured without the hand of Tool and Die Maker.
Aptitude requirements:
1. Make fast, simple, repeated movements of fingers, hands, and wrists.
2. Good written and spoken skills in English.
3. Ability to reason and apply ideas.
4. Ability to design equipment and technology to meet user needs.
5. Should have mechanical ability and be able to work independently.
Job responsibilities:
1. Craft precision tools used to cut, shape, and form metal and other materials.
2. Construct metal forms (dies) used to shape metal in forging and stamping operations.
3. Develop and design new tools and dies.
4. Measure and mark the pieces of metal that will be cut to form parts of the final product.
5. Use computer-aided drafting (CAD) to develop products and parts.
6. Use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to layout and cut parts. May use other computer-controlled machines.
7. Fitting and putting together machines parts and assembling.
Job Opportunities: As a skilled professional who has finished training, a good tool and die maker can find opportunities easily to work as machinists, computer control programmers and operators, supervisors in the following industries:
1. Machines or parts manufacturing industries.
2. Motor vehicles or parts manufacturing industries.
3. Metal forging and stamping industries.
4. Plastic products industries.
5. Aerospace industries.
6. Ship building industries.
7. R & D centres.
8. Can start own enterprising unit.
9. Employment in organization like Transport, PWD, Polytechnics, ITI, Industries, Railways, Defence, Tool Rooms, Automotive workshops, etc.
Current trends:
Excellent job opportunities in manufacturing industries, especially outside India in Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, US, etc. A qualified tool and die maker can easily get an immediate job after his Diploma in India or Abroad. Once a tool and die maker gains good experience, he can increase his rank and get into senior positions like inspector, supervisor, technical advisor, designer, programmer.

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