Smokefree Meat Dryer

Smokefree Meat Dryer


Technical Specifications:
• Height = 1.6’’
• Drum Diameter = Ø 20’’
• Weight = 22 kgs
Output Capacity:
• 5- 8 kgs in 30-45 Minutes


• For drying and roasting of meat/fish/maize etc.
• It can also be used for cooking and boiling water


• It is suitable for family, hotels, hostels, restaurant and dry meat suppliers


• Compact structure and portable
• No direct contact with hot flames/ smoke
• Fuel sources are firewood/ bamboo charcoal briquette
• For drying 5-6 kgs of meat, about 1 kg of firewood required


• It is suitable and convenient for household use
• High heating efficiency and energy saving
• Available at nominal price
• No maintenance cost and simple to operate
• Economical to use
• It is a healthier option of drying then the conventional methods

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